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FlashQ helps trucks avoid congestion by waiting remotely at a logistics facility

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Idling pollutes

The US Environmental protection agency estimates that 2 billions hours are wasted annually by trucks waiting in queues at ports and warehouses.

Trucks in queues cost money

A truck waiting in a queue burns 0.8 gallon of fuel per hour. At the current price of gas, more than $7 billions dollars are burnt by trucks waiting in queues just in gas money, corresponding to the 2 billions hours wasted annually!

Delays lead to penalty fees

Beyond simply slowing down operations, delayed trucks, mean increased shipping costs and detention fees.

About us

FlashQ is a remote virtual waiting A.I. platform that will help you eliminate all operational delay costs and congestions at your warehouse or port, by making sure only trucks that can receive a service appear at your gate. It will eliminate all truck pollution at your facility over night. For trucking companies it will allow them to service other customers, while waiting virtually, hence increasing their revenue and solving their driver shortage issues.

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